PERSPECTIVES allows leaders to see unconscious bias and how it emanates in a non-confrontational way. It is an interactive and engaging way to learn, resulting in higher retention of materials.

It’s not pointing the finger at anyone (like some traditional training) and telling you how you shouldn’t act. It is showing you how bias looks, feels, as well as how to identify it and address it with the appropriate behavior.


Harvard studies, examining decades worth of corporate diversity and inclusion training, concluded that in many cases, the training is ineffective or even counterproductive, as attendees feel attacked and singled out. 

There is a greater focus on the legal issues and policy rather than providing the tools and skills necessary to nurture the behaviors of an inclusive and socially positive corporate culture.

Current bias and inclusion training can often do more harm than good, making some employees feel targeted and cause them to become aggressive and reject training.

Immersive bias training can address not only those pervasive bias that are obvious, but some more subtle and as equally stifling behaviors. Users can interact in the scenarios and learn to identify the bias, but also learn the behavior to deal with it from multiple perspectives.

Additionally, it can create a safe environment, where employees can feel less judgement and fear of being shamed. It allows an uninhibited platform for learning, particularly when it comes to complex and sensitive topics.

PERSPECTIVES is an interactive and more engaging way to learn  rather than seminars, case studies, and role playing. It puts you in the context of daily issues.

Immersive training has 75 % higher retention of learning than traditional methods. From research we find that our brain stores VR experiences as memories rather than something we just watched.

Because of this experiential component we have increased emotion and information retrieval success. We are able to elicit emotion and evoke empathy to increase the skills of perspective-taking. 

PERSPECTIVES provides insights into individual behaviors that are creating the culture. With our people analytics leaders pinpoint areas for focus and improvement.


PERSPECTIVES helps you better understand other’s experiences around you, creating empathy through immersion while increasing your skills in social intelligence.

We want to support your teams to be more inclusive and self-aware so everyone is comfortable to bring their authentic selves to work. This allows your team to focus on creative, innovative work – leading to higher performance in your company.


From research we have found that immersive tech like VR has the unique power to create empathy, not only to stimulate awareness, but also to provide cognitive behavioral training to give people the necessary skills to deal with bias in the workplace.

Promising results from Stanford have been found for prejudice reduction, general altruistic behavior, positive health behaviors and medical treatment, and knowledge and preparation for natural disasters. Research concludes that virtual spaces can provide a way to change attitudes and promote prosocial behavior.

Findings suggest that perspective taking in VR has the potential to offer an advantage over mental stimulation (traditional perspective taking exercises) in overcoming intergroup threat.