It’s a visceral experience with an emotional realism that allows people to go beyond storytelling into story living

We are a team with expertise in VR, game development, inclusion, and behavioral theory. We have come together to use our skills to address the gap in DEI.


Myra LalDin

Myra believes in the power of stories to create empathy, shape values, and share experiences. Working at the intersection of inclusion and technology, Myra applies her background in business management and cognitive science to build immersive experiences in virtual reality (VR) that allow users to stand in someone else’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.


Myra grew up in multiple countries and across various cultural contexts. In those environments, she was often a minority and regularly felt “othered.”  This collection of experiences catalyzed her drive to understand the science behind human behaviors across cultures and differences. In college, she studied cross-cultural business management, and later, cognitive science and behavioral theory in grad school at Harvard University. 


She began her career consulting in organizational behavior with a focus on inclusion & global competency. Myra quickly identified a problem: despite commanding $8 billion in annual spending, organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training was largely ineffective for–and sometimes counterproductive to–actually changing behavior


Inspired by her desire to cultivate a society that is more socially intelligent, globally competent, and consciously inclusive, Myra co-founded VECTRE, a virtual and augmented reality development company that uses the power of immersive technology to reveal the world from marginalized perspectives.

Mickey Stewart

Mickey is the VP of Design and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from The University of Cincinnati. Never without a camera, he is always shooting travel videos or working on short films. With a background in engineering and passion for storytelling he was drawn to VR as way to combine these interests; using cutting edge immersive technology to drive emotion. Taking influence from designers, directors, and his own experience, Mickey breathes life into our VR creations.

Parth Naik

Parth is the CTO at VECTRE. He grew up in India and moved to the states to explore his passions in Game Design.

Parth is always eager to work hard to bring his stories to life, but is no stranger to relaxation. During his time off Parth loves travel, and has been to 14 different countries.
Parth has a background in Computer Science. Inspired by his love for games he went back to school to explore his passion from a game design and programming side. He was excited about the new immersive qualities of Virtual Reality, and how they can be used to experience stories in a brand new way.

Parth received his masters from UCSC with a Masters of Science in Games and Playable Media.

Michael Ballentine

Michael is the Chief Innovation Officer at VECTRE and has been working in the field of VR for over 6 years.

He comes from a background of game design, technical art, and animation.
As Lead Interaction Design, Michael has to be detail-oriented and understand how the user will interact with the world’s we create to make  experiences as real as possible. His favorite aspect of creation is to add the little animations and details we call “the fire” that attempts to trick the end user into believing they have transcended into another reality.

Michael has a BS in Computer Animation from Full Sail University in sunny Winter Park, Florida

Advisors and Team

Tracie Jones

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Harvard GSE

Melissa Monich

R&D Exec | Retired Band 6 P&G
Business Advisor

Lara McLeod

Equity & Belonging Pathways Program Manager | Zillow Group
Business Advisor

Sr. Inclusion & Belonging Strategist
Electronic Arts
MBA Strayer

CEO | Jemby Electric
Business Advisor

Insights Exec | Retired P&G Leader
Product Innovation Advisor

Kerel Cooper

SVP, Global Marketing
Co-Founder at Minority Report Podcast

Andrew Rayner

DEI Specialist | Facebook
Harvard GSE
Dartmouth College

Rachel Hanebutt

Gender Researcher | Confi
Harvard University
Emerson College