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The emotional realism offers situational context to not only see but feel the impact of microaggressions firsthand, creating a visceral experience.

This is not just storytelling, it is story living.

The Cost of Business without Inclusive Leaders

High Turnover

Hiring a diverse team without an intentional inclusive culture leads to team member's discomfort in bringing their authentic selves to work. This lack of belonging means retention will remain a costly challenge.

Valuable Insight Loss

If teams do not feel the pyschological safety to be able to speak up with problems or take risks with new ideas,
organizations lose out on valuable insights and innovative breakthroughs.


Legal action due to lack of inclusive cultural reinforcement and compliance issues with your team.

Losing Market Share

If your team does not represent your target market there is a lack of insights for customer needs.
Your customers will go to other brands where their needs are met.

VECTRE’s PERSPECTIVES platform is designed to increase the social - emotional intelligence for leaders.

It models the behaviors of an inclusive leader through immersive experiences of bias & allyship.

How it works

Experience the workplace from a new perspective, stand in a co-worker’s shoes


Train your social instincts to identify microagressions through interactive simulations

Learn the skills to address team bias in an effective way

Target areas of focus through captured team data

What Users Are Saying

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Schedule a Demo

Give us a call to set up a demo.
Strategy meeting with your D&I and Talent Leader.

Choose a Training Day

We bring the experience and the equipment. You bring your team.
We take you through the training in VR, lead discussion, and data capture.
For 10 people we estimate 2.5 hours.

Plan Post - Training Strategy

From discussion and data capture we strategize with you for next steps.
Find points of opportunity and challenges through our 360 inclusive leadership tool with additional coaching and action plans.

The most effective way of learning and developing inclusion


Research has shown that training in VR can lead to a reduction in biased behaviors, improved perspective-taking skills, and promote inclusive behaviors. 

(Stanford, 2012)


With the experiential learning in VR retention of material is increased by 75% compared to traditional classroom teaching. 

(Stanford, 2008)



Virtual Reality can help nurture affective empathy and provides cognitive behavioral training to develop skills  to deal with bias at a 40% faster rate than lecture based training.  

(StriVR, 2019)

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How We Do It


Research – based content is developed in partnership with researchers from top institutions with input from DEI leaders in enterprise.


Our high-quality experiences are created by VR experts and designers with a proven track record with enterprise – bringing over 15 years of experience.


We collect data to help leverage unique insights about organizational culture. Leaders have access to team data through the backend platform. 


Our Team


Myra LalDin

Myra has a background in Business with a Masters in Behavioral Science from Harvard. Myra has served as a strategic inclusion expert for multiple organization advancing their inclusion initiatives, developing content, and leading training for conscious inclusion. Along with running the company Myra serves as the SME for inclusion and works with partner research teams to create training content.

Michael Ballentine

Michael has a BS in Computer Animation from Full Sail University and has worked in the VR and design industry for over 10 years has led VR teams, creating experiences for Fortune 50s. As CXO. Michael is an expert in understanding how the user will interact with the worlds he creates and has found the “the fire” that attempts to trick the users into believing they have transcended reality to get the deepest engagement and retention of users.
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Parth Naik

Parth received his masters from UCSC with a Masters of Science in Games and Playable Media. After studying Computer Science in undergrad, Parth was inspired by his love for games so he went back to school to explore his passion from a game design and programming side. He was excited about the new immersive qualities of Virtual Reality, and how they can be used to experience stories in a brand new way.

The most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of social intelligence.

- Daniel Goleman

Thank you to our Supporters and Advisors from Microsoft, Apple, Zillow Group, EA, P&G, Facebook and others. We truly value the diversity of thought.


  • Traditional
  • 360 Video
  • Other VR Training
PERSPECTIVESTraditional360 VideoOther VR Training
Highest-quality interpersonal, professional training available!
Harvard studies conclude that this training has been ineffective or even counterproductive, as attendees feel attacked & unengaged
This training is pre-recorded video with real people in different scenarios. This does not allow you to interact with world, creating disconnects.
Companies attempting to produce similar training have not yet caught up to our triple AAA quality. But many are doing great work!
Immersive Real - World Simulations
More than a Case Study or Role Playing
Interactive, first-hand experience of Bias
Experential learning with Higher Engagement
Realistic and Nuanced Body Language
Using Facial Capture and Motion Capture
Research - based Content
From Ivy League Experts
Branching Narratives
Gives Agency to Make Choices
Insights and People Analytics
Data collection to focus on opportunities
Custom created experiences tailored to your organization
Stand-alone headsets
Training can be done anywhere anytime, no lost labor hours
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We help you create data-driven cultural change.

 With virtual reality we can capture unique anonymous data to provide insights for culture assessment, identifying areas of opportunity for targeted training.